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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Pay with your Debit or Credit Card
All payments via Visa & Mastercard, debit and credit cards respectively, are accepted. All transactions on are protected by maximum online security

Pay cash on good's delivery
Pay the courier's employee upon goods' delivery. This form of payment is applicable for delivering goods in Greek cities only. Service cost is 2.99euros

Pay in store
Pick up and pay your order in one of our stores either with cash or with your debit/credit card.

Pay by bank transfer/e-banking
Pay by transfering the total order value to one of the following bank accounts:

Alpha bank:

Εθνικη Τραπεζα:

In order for us to proceed with your order, you should complete the bank transfer within 48 hours of the order placement and email us a scanned document or the electronic bank receipt at verifying the transfer. In case the bank transfer will not be completes within 48 hours, your order will be cancelled.

In case the deposit is made through another bank that our company does not cooperate with, the transaction costs are borne by the customer.