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The Company

Sportlook founded in 1978, at Neos Kosmos, Athens by Konstantinos Loukopoulos.
It started as one of the first sports stores in the city and it was housed in a small store at Agkilis street.

As time went by, Konstantinos and his wife Elpida tried their best every year and they managed to expand the business, so they chose a larger store at 45 Agkilis str. That is the spot where Sportlook is located since 2000.

During 2014, their daughter Eirini Loukopoulou, after gaining tons of experience next to her parents, she decided to take over the business.
Few months after that, the store was renovated and got a brand new look.

Sportlook is a family business that made it through so many years, handled every difficult situation and keeps rising. Our mission is to see our customers happy,satisfied and hear their needs, as our basic concern is human interraction.
By choosing to collaborate with the best brands, we manage to give high quality products to our customers and keep our level of service high.